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Helsinki, Finland.
Welcome to Helsinki (Helsingfors in Swedish), the capital of Finland. Helsinki is a cosmopolitan mix, influenced by Russian, Swedish and native Finnish cultures dating back centuries. Helsinki is a forward thinking, technologically astute, safe and friendly city with an abundance of things to do.



Hotel Ava has 75 guest rooms - from single rooms to 6 person apartments - each with a bathroom and television. Guest rooms with a private kitchen are .....
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Helsinki by Maps

Their are lots of things to see and do in Helsinki. We are building a maps page so that you will be able to locate and plan a vacation without having to make too many across city journeys and be able to locate hotels.

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Helsinki Nightlife
The nightlife in Helsinki is to be admired. Being a University city it has its fair share of young bars and nightclubs which are well populated nightly, but Helsinki also has great restaurants, theatres and entertainment....

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Featured Attractions
Their are lots of things to see and do in Helsinki. A city of history and great architecture, Helsinki exudes a past that is both proud and marked. Visit the Cathedral, the Market, the Fortress, the National Museum....

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